Loreto’s climate is hot and humid, with abundant sunshine (desert with some rainfalls in summer). The median temperature is 24.4 °C - (76 °F). The temperatures are hot from June through October. These summer days have highs around 34 °C - (93 °F)and high humidity. According to the National Meteorological Service (Servicio Metereológico Nacional) Loreto's highest official temperature reading of 39 °C - (102 °F) was recorded on August 1965; the lowest temperature ever recorded was 5.4 °C - (42 °F)in January 1971. In spring season, the temperatures are moderate and temperate. Autumn and winter months are usually windy.

Weather for Loreto with weather forcast for Loreto, Loreto Bay, Loreto Baja, Loreto BCS and what else people call it. Baja Weather has this page for the 3 day Loreto weather forecast.