Todos Santos

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Magical Village – Pueblo Magico — There could not be a truer statement to describe the sweet oasis settlement of Todos Santos which is nestled between the Sierra de Laguna mountain range and the Pacific Ocean. There is a certain draw that leads prospective residents to this area and captivates them into leaving behind their high-profile life-styles and residing here full or part-time.
A strangely simple lifestyle, incorporating clean air, clean water, organic produce fields, fresh seafood and a palm oasis boasting a plenitude of fresh water is alluring to even the most weary urban visitor.
This slower pace is akin to a time warp transporting one back to the mid 1950′s. This perfect location is just one hour drive from either La Paz (due north) or Cabo San Lucas (due south). In Todos Santos, the summers are long, hot, and muggy; the winters are short, comfortable, and dry; and it is partly cloudy year round.
Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 57°F to 93°F and is rarely below 52°F or above 97°F.
The best time of year to visit Todos Santos for hot-weather activities is from late May to early July. The weather in Todos Santos is strongly affected by the Pacific Ocean currents, producing seasonal variations that are somewhat unexpected. Due to Todos Santos’ location on the Pacific Ocean, it is almost always 10 degrees cooler than in La Paz or Cabo San Lucas.

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