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Welcome to Baja Weather! What’s the purpose of It is a free website that delivers weather forecasts for the southern Baja Peninsula via a website, WAP, RSS and e-mail. Plain and simple: Baja California Sur weather forecasts at the tip of your fingers! Severe weather warnings, hurricane updates, (almost) live reports on weather conditions in Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Todos Santos, Loreto and Mulege. A website for Baja residents developed by Baja residents. This the key for Baja Information that is important, like the current Baja Sur weather - we share the information we gather for us.

Get all available Baja California Sur weather feeds at one page - visit our RSS feed bundle page here and find all relevant Baja California Sur locations with the weather forecasts available on the net. The selection on this RSS weather feeds for Mexico Baja Weather will change based on availability. This is most like the best and fastest Baja hurricane and BCS storm information you can get in cases of severe clima on the Baja Peninsula.

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Business should be about having fun doing things you are passionate about. Purely making money is not enough and we find that the key to success is enthusiasm to make things work driven by positive enthusiasm of the end users. In other words: this website for Baja Nomads and other Expats is not about making money - this website is a free service of the Baja Infotheque Network and it will remain a gratis baja weather service. We are using public available sources to provide the results of different forecast agencies here. So no cost for us - what we pass on of course. Not a common thing these days!


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