A tsunami has been observed at the following sites

posted Jul 11, 2012, 9:57 PM by Tom Kachelman   [ updated Jul 11, 2012, 9:58 PM ]
The waves are expected to first reach La Jolla, California at 12:02 PM PST on February 27. Estimated tsunami arrival times and maps along with safety rules and other information can be found on the WCATWC web site.
A tsunami has been observed at the following sites:

 Location                   Lat.   Lon.    Time        Amplitude
 ------------------------  -----  ------  -------     -----------

 Baltra  Ecuador            0.4S   90.3W  1430UTC     0.45M/1.5ft
 Quepo  Costa Rica          9.4N   84.2W  1417UTC     0.27M/0.9ft
 Santa Cruz  Galapagos E    0.5S   90.2W  1241UTC     1.07M/3.5ft
 Rikitea  Fr. Polynesia    23.1S  135.0W  1534UTC     0.27M/0.9ft

Manzanillo Mexico 19.0N 104.2W 1709UTC 0.43M/1.4ft
Acapulco Mexico 16.8N 99.9W 1804UTC 0.54M/1.8ft

Cabo San Lucas Mexico 22.5N 109.5W 1758UTC 0.33M/1.1ft

 Chatham Island  NZ        44.0S  176.4W  1844UTC     0.24M/0.8ft
 Hiva Oa  Marquesas  Fr.    9.8S  139.0W  1710UTC    3.14M/10.3ft
 Papeete  Fr. Polynesia    17.5S  149.6W  1808UTC     0.22M/0.7ft
 Tsunami Forecasts at selected points - more on web site 
 La Jolla, CA     0.8M/2.6 FT    Los Angeles, CA  0.8M/2.6 FT
 Malibu, CA       1.0M/3.3 FT    Pismo Beach, CA  1.4M/4.6 FT
 Half Moon Bay, CA 1.0M/3.3 FT   San Diego, CA   0.4M/1.3 FT
 Humboldt Bay, CA  0.4M/1.3FT    Crescent City, CA 0.6M/2.0 FT
 Santa Monica, CA  1.2M/3.9 FT   Moclips, WA      0.4M/1.3 FT
 Santa Barbara, CA 0.8M/2.6 FT   Laguna Beach, CA 0.9M/2.9 FT
 Seward, AK        0.4M/1.3 FT   Kodiak, AK       0.7M/2.3 FT
 Forecasts indicate the expected height above normal sea level.
 Tsunamis are expected to peak two to four hours after arrival.